Slate Roofing

Contact our specialist installers to discuss your Slate Roofing projects. Noad Roofing Ltd are experienced installers of Slate roofs’, most commonly natural slate across the beautiful City of Bath. 


There are many unique types of Roofing Slate, just a few:


Natural Slate

Fine grained foliated natural slate easily splits into thin slab, making it an attractive roofing product. Homeowner and architects value Natural slate as it comes in many colours and textures, and when well maintained, provides fire, pest and moisture resistance. High cost of materials and installation can deter from using natural slate and other type of roofing slate may then be explored.

Fibre Cement Slate

Manufacturers use sand, cellulose fibres and cement to produce this type of slate. A A cheaper alternative to natural slate in a variety of colours and formats. Fibre cement slates are water, fire and insect resistant.

Concrete slate

A cheaper alternative to natural slate manufactured with cement, sand, water and oxide. Energy efficient, permitting air to circulate under and through the roof, decreasing heat transfer. When installed professionally can withstand severe weather and impact for a life span of 50 years. Requires routine inspection and maintenance.

Composite slate

Lightweight, do not require additional structural support. Durable against UV rays, moisture, foot traffic, temperature shifts and impact. Limited breaking, cracking, denting and shrinking, less maintenance and repair costs. An elegant, beautiful colour for its lifetime.

Bituminous Slate

Manufactured using bitumen. For homeowners looking for an inexpensive way to achieve a slate design.  Bituminous slate will overtime dimmish its integrity and life span through exposure to wind, rain and changing temperature.

Felt roof covering

The majority of roof structures are underlaid with felt as a second line defence in the event of water ingress. The felt channels the water down the felt and into the gutters in the event it gets under the tiles.

Over years where edges are exposed the felt begins to perish and will require replacement, usually at the bottom layer (felt bottoms).

Overtime you will find the entire covering is beginning to degrade and breakdown, particular in those older properties with bituminous felt.

Patch repair? Whist patch repairs might provide a temporary solution this is unlikely to fix your ongoing issues and is likely to be an expensive means to an end, considering the majority of properties will require scaffolding to be erected to carry out such repairs each time.

If this repair is not carried out, then your roof timbers could be at risk of rot and decay.

Our specialists can carry out a roof survey to advise on the quality of your felt covering and whether any imminent action is likely to be required.

Dry ridge and verge

The alternative to the traditional verge and ridge systems are a dry verge & ridge systems. It locks together without the use of cement mortar making it cheaper, quicker, and more reliable over the long term. A screw and clamp system holds tiles in position and waterproof joins divert water away.

Benefits of dry verge & ridge systems:

  • Low maintenance
  • Increased stability in poor weather conditions
  • Flexible and will move to the subtle changes that can occur in the roof, such as thermal expansion and contraction
  • Built in ventilation

Widcombe Art Trail

Noad Roofing Limited are proud to be your information point for the Widcombe Art Trail on 22nd and 23rd June 2024

Pop along to see us at our office location Bolwell Buildings, 1 Claverton Street, Widcombe for a live singer, authentic Italian pizza and refreshments.

Scaffolding, Bath

We have a long standing relationship with the wonderful Kirk and Scott Latham of Latham Scaffolding.

Latham Scaffolders have contracted for our customers for a number of years and will bend over backwards to meet our customer and company needs.

Noad Roofing Limited will quote and organise your scaffolding needs for your roofing projects to take this task of your hands!

Tips and tricks to help with your Roofing projects and maintenance

  • Regular inspections: Perform regular inspections of your roof to identify any signs of damage or wear. Look for cracked or missing shingles, loose flashing, sagging areas, or any signs of water damage.
  • Clear debris: Keep your roof free of debris like leaves, branches, and dirt. Debris can trap moisture and cause damage to the roof over time.
  • Maintain gutters and downpipes: Clean and inspect your gutters and downpipes at least twice a year. Ensure they are free from clogs and properly attached to the roof.
  • Repair leaks promptly: If you notice any signs of a leak, such as water stains on the ceiling or walls, address it promptly. Locate the source of the leak and repair or replace the affected area of the roof to prevent further damage and potential mould growth.
  • Use proper roofing materials: When replacing or repairing your roof, use high-quality materials suited to your roof type. Consult with professionals or roofing experts to ensure you choose the right materials for durability and longevity.
  • Proper ventilation: Ensure your roof has adequate ventilation to prevent moisture buildup and heat retention. Proper ventilation helps extend the life of your roof and reduces the risk of damage caused by excessive heat or condensation.
  • Trim overhanging trees: Trim back any overhanging branches that can potentially damage the roof during strong winds or storms.
  • Avoid pressure washing: Avoid using pressure washers to clean your roof, as the high-pressure water can damage the roof surface. Instead, use a broom or a low-pressure hose to gently remove dirt or moss.
  • Hire professional help when needed: For major repairs or roof replacements, it’s often best to hire professional roofing contractors. They have the expertise, tools, and knowledge to safely and efficiently complete the job

Flat Roofing

Noad Roofing Limited are certified installers of Res-Tec Roofing systems

Benefits of Res-Tec systems vs other flat roofing materials on offer:

  • ⁠Totally seamless membrane – no joints, no welds, no weak points
  • ⁠Rapid curing with an extra-tough finish
  • Flexible to install on a variety of roof systems, any size or shape without the need for expansion joints
  • High performance vapour barrier with excellent vapour resistance
  • ⁠Single resin system that can be repaired / overcoated without grinding down
  • Supported by Restec’s trusted 20 year materials guarantee
  • Anti-slip finish available for balconies
  • Cold applied for maximum safety – no risks from open flames and other hot works
  • Fire tested to BS 476-3 Rating: F.AA-B and EN 13501-5(4) Rating: BRooF(t4) – the highest rating

Roof checks

Several ways to identify whether your roof requires replacement:

  1. Age: Roofs have a lifespan, typically 20 to 30 years, but it can vary depending on the material. If your roof is approaching or has exceeded its expected lifespan, it’s a sign that you may check it for replacement or repair.
  2. Missing or damaged tiles: Look for any roof tiles that are cracked, curled, blistered, or missing. Damaged roof tiles expose the underlying structure to water and can lead to leaks.
  3. Leaks and water damage: If you notice water stains on your ceiling or walls, it’s a clear sign of a roof problem.
  4. Granule loss: Often, roof tiles shed their granules as they age, causing a sandy residue in your gutters. This can reduce the effectiveness of the tiles and indicate the need for replacement or repair.
  5. Sagging or uneven roof: An irregular roofline or sagging sections suggest immediate structural issues. It’s best to call a roofing contractor and get your roof checked.
  6. Algae or moss growth: Algae, moss, or mould pose severe risks to your health, whether inside or outside your house. If you can see such things, it indicates a moisture problem that needs addressing.
  7. Damaged flashing: Cracked or deteriorating flashing around roof penetrations like chimneys and vents can lead to leaks. Ensure the flashing is in good condition.
  8. Excessive energy bills: If your energy bills have unexpectedly increased, it could be due to deteriorating felt covering and/or lack of insulation. 

New Office Location

We are settling in our new office location @ Bolwell Buildings, 1 Claverton Street, Bath, BA2 4LE. Call in to see Alice & Jenny to discuss your roofing needs and schedule an appointment with our specialists or give us a call on 01225 941 949,

We look forward to becoming part of the Widcombe community.

Gutter Cleaning, Bath

Gutters that fall into disrepair and become clogged are unable to do their job—protect your home.

Clogged gutters can lead to leaky roofs and water damage, among other concerns. Not to mention, clogged gutters are a paradise for pests, rodents, and mold which aren’t the type of company you want attracted to your home.

Did you know?

We work closely together with Bath Gutter Cleaning services to cover your gutter cleaning needs, gutter inspections including small gutter repairs.

Contact Ashley on 07931 719 837 to book your appointment, or contact us and we can refer your details.

Noad Roofing are here to help with any gutter replacement projects, all types of guttering covered!