Tile & Slate roofing

Tile & Slate roofing in Bath & surrounding areas

When it comes to tile & slate roofing, you want to make sure you trust the experts to fix it. A leaky roof with a draft is no fun for anyone – and can be the gateway to bigger and worse damage. So call in your local specialists at Noad Roofing right from the start.

We offer comprehensive services in the field of installation of slate & tile roofing. We have extensive experience installing tile & slate roofs for a variety of commercial and residential customers, each with different needs. So whatever you need, you can count on us to help.

In addition to installation, we also provide many tile & slate roof repairs. We use a combination of new and recycled slate to suit the objectives of each individual job. This allows us to match the colour and style of your existing roof and avoid repairs that would spoil the beauty of your property.

We are used to working on many different styles of roofing, from large companies to small homes. So, whatever your needs are, we’re sure we can help.

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